Si tuviera que definir el rocketshipping con una canción…

Definitivamente sería con esta:

Había otro video de esta canción pero al parecer lo quitaron, no se que me sorprende :/


Hey! What cha say
Let’s get lost and take a big vacation
A summer long siesta fun holiday!

Say! It’s our time
To do what we want, now, when we want it
They don’t expect too much from us anyway

Tomorrow will tomorrow
Be today, today
Anyhting that people say don’t mean a thing
‘Cause it’s time for livin’

Life is a canvas
And the paint is hope and promise
The world is ours
No one could ever take it from us
The sky is blue
The day is new
The sun is shinin’ down
You know life is good
We got each other
And that’s all we need

Hey! It’s okay
We can paint the world bright, any color
Yeah, coming back from nowhere or on the way

Don’t be affraid
Just be happy that we’re not our mothers
Slavin’ over papa all night and day

The future is the future
Que sera sera
We can make some sense of it all
When we get old
Let’s do somethin’ stupid

Life is a real gas
If you take the time to notice
Let’s live it right now
‘Cause no one can live it for us
We got the time
The weather’s fine
The world is spinnin’ round
You know life is good
In it together always
You and me




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